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Car Design not only for men…you better read this!

Dear friends,

how many of you think that Car Design is a “man type” job? How many times we talk about car designers and we have men in front of us?

In my 10 years career as a design teacher (1990-2000 Art Center Europe, IAAD & IED) I had the pleasure to have as students few ladies, a part of them (about 5) became excellent designers and today are design managers in car companies or they run their own design business doing very well.

Today women in design schools are more than before or 10 years ago and the “creative” effect is starting to become relevant to the point we have extremely competitive and full of talent ladies as interns (Renault Design).

So today a great illustration of her Nissan project done as Art Center College of Design student, I am talking about Yang Fu whom just finished her second internship with us.
She is very determined  to make it, hard worker, strong minded, very good talent.

Check her blog and start worrying!

Click: Yang Fu portfolio blog

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