Car Design Sketching Tips book is now online!

Dear friends,
it was time for me to make a “reference guide” for drawing cars correctly, starting from basics of drawing with a step by step guide with 49 illustrated pages just for you!

Car Design Sketching Tips is the book to have!
This reference guide is in 2 formats: Paper & e-Book! With the paper format you have to wait to get it delivered at your home address, the eBook format is an immediate download on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Side perspective guide by LB

how to start with warm-up exercises
what exercises to do constantly for a serious training
how to sketch a car in perspective
how reflections work on a car body
chiaroscuro on cars
new illustrations & drawings to explain it

Top perspective guide by LB

I tried my best to keep the price as low as possible to make sure all of you can afford to buy it so if you order it you will pay 14,99 USD for Paper format & only 9,99 USD for the e-Book.

Car Design Sketching Tips make your order now!

Enjoy and Thank You!


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