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Drawing wheels in perspective. Car sketching tips.

Many times I am asked about how to draw wheels in perspective on our car sketches or drawings. Every time I receive this question I give an answer which is “do not forget to direct your ellipse’s minor axes to the V.P.”
However said like this it does not come across very clearly so I have decided to make a simple video tutorial to show how I do explaining what I do (video at the end of this post).
I thought that this way I might be finally clear about the simple method to use.
Thanks to the video and my oral explanation you will understand how to do and you can try right away on your own over and over again to do it well even better than me.
Do not forget that it is always a matter of method and basic drawing rules to respect and using your talent and passion you will be able to do it!

Tutorial sketch by Luciano Bove
When I was a student in Art Center College of Design our teacher often told us that the easiest way to draw in good perspective rounded objects is to draw first their box or squarish shape. Example: Cube = Sphere because the sphere fits into a cube touching all 4 sides.


So when I think to draw a car in side view or in perspective I start sketching first its boxed shape! I apply the classical rules of perspective according to what type of perspective I want to use (1 point, 2 points or 3 points).
I make sure I always draw the box or shape Center Line to control the right proportions between left and right part of the car in perspective. With my Center Line in place I can estimate well those proportions.
Do not forget we have to draw “light” for the box and when we draw our car design sketch those lines will have a different light darker pressure effect…this way at the end of our drawing we will almost not see anymore the box lines.

Now that we understand what does it mean “draw inside a box” lets draw our rectangular box to transform it into a car sketch.
Next step is to draw its wheels to do so I draw 2 square boxes, I draw inside the square the crossing lines to find its center and after this I will simply draw inside the ellipse which will come out automatically correct in perspective having our box already the right perspective (see video).
We can see how the minor axe of our ellipse is going to the right V.P. Obviously we will procede drawing shadow’s car on the ground (Black or dark Gray marker) following perspective lines and we will add a bit of reflections on car body using our light Gray marker and we will finish drawing a glass and windshield reflections using a medium Gray marker to get the transparent effect.

Little add of white gouache for highlights and frame better our focal point.
Now our car drawing with correct ellipses in perspective is finished.

Thank you!

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