Ready for school? Some tips for you…

Dear friends,

in a few weeks it is time to start your first day of Design school, or simply go back to school, or start your last semester before graduation.

In any case I want you to be concentrate on: discipline, exercising always a lot, portfolio

If you are just starting school you might want to understand very fast that being disciplined and exercising a lot will help you to start with the right foot.

If you are going back to school to continue your courses be concentrated and  more demanding with yourself, remember your are looking for quality not just quantity. You will probably prepare for an internship, too. So your portfolio needs quality!

If you are going back to finish and get your Bachelor be concentrated on professionalism and management of yourself to put together the best portfolio ever! Do not forget you are preparing to look for a job and soon you will start interviews…. so CV & Portfolio must be top!

Good luck!

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