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UID Umea University of Design my experience!

Dear friends,

as you might already know last week I spent two fantastic days at UID Umea University of Design invited by the rector Demian Horst (in the photo with me and the students).

This time my lectures have been two divided into two sessions (morning and afternoon). The first one was an introduction about me and my career as car designer from school time to today and the second one was focused on design management and design project strategies. My objective was to show the romantic side of becoming a car designer, its adventure between nice and bad times. However in the afternoon I really wanted to talk about design management and the strategies we could apply to defend design projects until production comes. (through all Design project development).

We also had a portfolio review that lasted until morning after before I took a taxi to fly back home. Watching all portfolio on a single interview base was nice because gave us the opportunity to reason about what is working and what is not working. Before leaving the school I had 30 minutes to talk about how to prepare a portfolio to get a job. Lots of good questions and feedbacks.

UID – Umea University of Design is becoming an excellent Design Education institution in Europe with their well planned Masters in Design (several disciplines other than Transportation and Industrial Design), the school has great facilities and labs, good sponsors and internship program. It is a Public School so European I believe do not pay a tuition (probably some taxes), non European students have to pay a tuition but do not ask me how much because I do not know.
The staff (teachers and school managers) are really serious about students life and hard enough on them to obtain good quality and engagement by same students. There is an entry selection for admission and this is good news!

Luciano Bove


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