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Sketch like hell!

Dear friends,

I tell you again, again and again: SHETCH LIKE HELL!!!

We are in March and some of you, in design schools around the world, are getting close to final exams and portfolio’s review. I want you to make sure that your work is made of quality, this means your sketching done by free hand must be well done. The consequence is that your Photoshop or digital media art work (illustrations final renderings) will also be made of good quality simply because you master sketching very well. If you have do re do some work to improve general portfolio quality you have to do it!

How can we master sketching very well? It is simple: SKETCH LIKE HELL!!!

The sketch illustration of this post is work of designer Swaroop Roy from India, this guy sketches every single day and even if he is already a professional designer he still searches ways to improve!

Please you should all check his website click: Swaroop Roy Portfolio!


If you need a guide for sketching lessons check this E-book to download! Car Design Sketching Tips!


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