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Do you have a Vision? You better do!

How many design students are going to school thinking about what they are really doing for their future?

I know that you are all very happy because you are in school! You have been accepted and you did start your preferred school to become designers. I know that feeling, too. As I said a year ago:

Do you think you made it because you got accepted? Wait for what is next before being too happy too soon!

So my million dollar question is: Do You Have a Vision?

If you don’t (and it might be the case) you better start thinking about it. When we have the great opportunity to pursue one of the most complicated and rare professional career “Design” we have to make sure not to fail, not to be poor at it, not to be average, not to be too happy too soon. Be honest you know the type of progression and improvement you need to be better than someone in you class, now if you compare your skills with someone from other schools around…you know you have still a long way to go! Face it and assume responsibility for it!

When you realize the type of improvements you must make, how you would like to improve on your projects for your future portfolio quality, how to get your first internship, what is needed to do, when you realize all this you will start having a vision. It is about how to be in that school for doing what later once you will have your diploma or bachelor.

Do you want to become just a nice designer or an influent one?

We all need a vision to find our dimension and our role in society (think about a family or parents’ roles) or in a design studio, unless we are just average and I do not think it would be enough satisfying.

When you have a vision you will find your targets and if you work hard to accomplish them you will get somewhere someday for sure.

Got the point?


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