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Car Sketch tutorial using markers basic rules

Many of you are asking me how to use markers on a simple line work sketch to start quickly understand your car sketch shapes and volumes. I have decided to make this simple 2 pages tutorial, with written indications, to make clear few key points to start correctly and they are:

1 Side V. Perspective – you wheels are circles or 90° ellipses with minor axes to Infinite

2 Do not forget to sketch your Center Line for good balance in perspective

3 Draw your reflection lines (later we will fill them with markers

4 I drew a Cylinder (side of your car) & a Cone (for your windshield volume)

5 Draw well your base on the ground which is your car shadow

6 Check on the upper left corner the Composition page sketch to follow

Use Black marker for Vertical Background & Car Shadow on the grand, however you will also use Black for your windshield and side glass reflections.

With a Light #1 Cold Gray Marker start your reflections area, later use a #2 Cold Gray Marker and later a #3 Cold Gray Marker. With those three markers you will create a blending degraded from darker Gray to lighter Gray. The top of your car and all surfaces facing the sky they will be ultra light because of sun light.

That is it! Check my drawing with markers and try to do the same as much as you can.



Car Sketch using Markers basic rules


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