Ilegalwatches the new Luxury Design for your Wrist

When my friend Serge Cosenza , car designer at Renault Design, told me he was working on a new wrist watch design I thought he was crazy. Serge told me he was going to make a sort of Start-Up company to promote his product designed and realized by him all Made in France. I thought he probably needed a doctor and fast!

Well you know what? I was wrong, he was really serious to the point he accomplished his mission: to design, built and sell his wristwatch he called Ilegal Paris!

This is an incredible beautiful story, a designer that for several years thinks how to produce and sell his own designed watches. Working from early sketches to assembly process, from materials to marketing and promotional activities. A lot of hard work made by him and few more.

In the photo you can see one of the available designs, so please visit the website by clicking Ilegal Watches Paris and discover more about Serge Cosenza and his creations.

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