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How to Become a Car Designer by Luciano Bove

Car Sketch by Luciano Bove

One year ago I had the pleasure to be contacted by to write few articles about “How to Become a Car Designer”.

I was very happy about it and I did write a series of articles for the celeb British car design website, to be precise 7 articles and a statistic result very positive about how many times those articles have been read and shared.

I invite you to read my first one entitled (click)  “How to Become a Car Designer” and also discover all the others.

Thank you!

CDN Articles My Articles News

CDN – How to become a Car Designer Part 7 : First Day at Work by Luciano Bove

How to become a Car Designer Part 7 : First Day at Work

My latest article N°7 has been published by CDN (, it is about how we negociate a designer contract for hiring and about first days at work in a real Design Studio.

Please click: How to become a Car Designer Part 7, First Day at Work  to read the article.


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