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Alias Autodesk and car designers

Volvo Concept in Alias Autodesk ( )

Design in general and Car Design in a deeper way have a very strong relationship with CAD modelers or virtual 3D designers, it is thanks to new technologies that today we have new and faster design processus with an important cost reduction issue and a more flexible method.

However; how designers and CAD/Alias Autodesk modelers work together? How is it in Car Design Studios?
I make this question because today this is still a strange subject to treat, very often we can listen to stories like: he did not do what I asked and sketched, or… to read click “continue”.


Sketch Fighter Design Contest by & SPD Milan school in partnership with Scuola Politecnica di Design (Milano) launch International Sketch Fighter Contest for transport designers.
The competition is based on Cardesigncommunity standard: the participants have 1 hour to perform their task. The «Sketch Fighter SPD» will have 5 rounds with a final one which will identify the winner. On September, 9 all the works of the final round, which takes 24 hours, will be evaluated by SPD representatives.
The winner will take 100% educational grant in one of the best schools of design – Scuola Politecnica di Design (Milano), Master’s course, 2011/12. The participants who get the 2nd and 3rd places take 50% educational grant and 30% allowance for education. 

Alaska Motors Design competition the winners.

Launched back in December 2009, the Alaskan Motors Competition asked the Local Motors’ community to create a racing vehicle for theWrangell Mountain Extreme, a fictional race to be held in Alaska in 2013.
 Unlike the previous contests, this one was not constrained to real-production limits.

The first place was won by the B-Polar Concept by Anthony Colard.

The second prize was received by Pierre Gimbergues for his Banshee Concept, a snow racer conceived to face any kind of bad weather and difficult ground, thanks to its 4-jointed articulated, directional and suspended caterpillars.

The third winner is Armand Herve with the TW-Ice Concept, a two-seater vehicle powered by a BMW V12 bioethanol engine. The name refers to the idea of 2x (2 times).

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Automobile is Art by Chris Bangle

Some time ago Chris Bangle, ex BMW Design director, gave a conference about car design philosophy and the Art of automobile world.
Follow this video because it helps to understand one of the few ways to treat the car design philosophy subject.



How to draw with good proportions

How to draw with good proportions a car? Many times I write about drawing with good proportions because it is the first thing to have on a car sketch or illustration. When we see our favourites car designs (it does not matter if sports or city utilitarian cars) we like how their volume stands on the four wheels (how the car sits on wheels). We like their proportions first. Ferrari, Lamborghinis , Fiat 500, BMW series 3 or 5 at so on have great proportions and this comes from our ability in drawing and sketching correctly, it is mainly part of our inner talent that makes us feel the good proportions by looking at our sketch and correcting it if necessary. Girogetto Giugiaro the famous italian car designer father of most successful designs of 80s and 90s is known as the father of good proportions on cars (check the first VW Golf, the Fiat Panda…).
Today I have chosen this great figure drawing done my Guno Park to tell you that when we go to design school (like Art Center College in Pasadena or AFAD University in Bratislava…) we start from art classes like figure drawing or life drawing tu study body proportions which is the most complex shape and volume to draw.
It is a matter of excercise, structural drawing and hand/arm movement. The same thing when we follow a Typeface lettering class (which is mainly for Graphic Design courses), reproducing perfectly free hand a type face or creating a new one is a proportions work very hard to accomplish. We play with positive and negative spaces to get good proportions, the figure drawing and the type face lettering interact with space and relate to it. We, reproducing them, do the same thing on a white paper giving balance to all this.

A car shape and volume is exactly the same thing, the size of the wheels and the wheelbase will give us the feeling for a good front and rear over-hang and also how high the car should be. We do this just with a simple linework to see and judge the proportions we are giving to our car sketch. After, as second step, we start giving shadows to draw volumes and body sections modeling the sketch to our taste. The third step is about detailing and decoration (without doing it too much).

So my final suggestion for you is to explore (for those that at design school do not follow this method) other drawing domains such as life drawing, figure drawing , Grapgic Design to learn about proportions and improuve on your car sketching.


Clay model tutorial

This tutorial explains how to use modelling clay (industrial plasticine) for 3D-Sketching. It shows the working techniques and gives tips and tricks about the use of this malleable material which is used in almost all automotive styling studios but also in lots of product design and character design companies.

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