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Design school NEWS and more!

A new video to give you some important news about Car Design training and Design Schools.

First news is check my E-books, in the video you will see where to find them to train yourself at home, Second news is about the French design school STRATE school of Design.

The French school just opened a new branch in India and precisely in Bangalore to find out click:

Check the video and share it!


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Renault Design Academy India Final Presentation

Renault Design decided to offer a special internship program dedicated to Car Design students. This internship has been called Design Academy India because focused on Cheannai and Mumbai Renault Design studios future development in India.

On the 14th of November the Final Presentation Design Academy India was held and here the final 4 interns with their models presented to Mr Patrick Lecharpy VP Advanced Design & Head of India Design Operations.

To Watch the final episode #8 click Renault Design Academy India Final Presentation you will see photos, virtual reality models and lots more 😉

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Renault Design Academy India Challenge

Renault Design Academy website

Renault Design Academy website

The Design Academy project is organized by Renault Design and developed under the lead of Project Director Patrick Lecharpy (VP Advanced Design and Head of Renault Design India studios) and Project Manager Luciano Bove, (Design Academy Head of Program and Advanced Design Manager).

Patrick Lecharpy & Luciano Bove

The objective is to select and put together 6 talents during a highly professional internship of 6 months in Chennai Design Studio in India.

Please visit the Renault Design Academy Website for more info and registration form at:

For a great article about this event click here: Carbodydesign


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Make a donation for AMATRICE Earthquake

As you might know on the 24th of August in Central Italy there has been an incredible earthquake that provoked a big tragedy.

If you wish to make a donation (even 1 Euro, Dollar or whatever…) please do it directly to the IBAN bank account of local village AMATRICE City Hall:

Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Roma
IT 13 W 08327 73470 000000005050

You can find at this link all the necessary information: Amatrice City Hall Official Website

Thank you!


Bryon Fitzpatrick another good friend goes away forever…

Dear friends,

when I read the news on Facebook about Bryon’s death I was wordless and I thought …”now he is back with Imre (Molnar) “… the couple is back together.

The Design community is loosing one of main design actor as designer and also design educator, Bryon spent his life transmitting and sharing his immense knowledge to young people helping them on their life journey.

I met Bryon Fitzpatrick at Art Center Europe in early 90′ when I started teaching there on Saturday’s classes. Imre Molnar was there, too. How many times we spent nice time eating all together after class, how many times with students we talked Design thinking, how many times he gave me nice suggestions to help me to be a better teacher.

From 94′ on our professional lives changed so he moved with Imre Molnar at CCS in Detroit I started my adventure at IED as Head of Car Design Dept. However no matter what we always found few hours during those years to meet remembering the good old times and also telling each others our experiences about design schools.

Last time I talked to Bryon was 2 years ago, and recently via Facebook a bit more often, and now the sad news.

Dear Bryon I’ll miss you,  I will keep thinking of you when I will go to a design school to talk to students, or when I answer to those that write to me looking for help.

You will be always my example to follow!




Corvette sketch tutorial by Driven Mavens!

Sketch by Driven Mavens

Dear friends,

lets get back to work with the first 2014 post about sketching cars. I checked this excellent video by our friend Driven Mavens sketching the new 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray!

Important aspects of this sketching lesson by Driven Mavens are:

-soft line quality when starting to sketch the overall car
-correct proportions and perspective
-harder and darker line quality to give a better definition to the sketch and also a sort of 3D effect
-some sections applied for a better volume definition
-the good shading by pencil and reflections line
-the car shadow applied on the ground in a dynamic way for a good composition on paper


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