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Working in Shenyang, China

Renault Jinbei HQ Shenyang, China

In October 2019 I moved to Shenyang in China to become the Design General Manager for Renault-Jinbei vehicles (RBJAC Company, a joint-venture with Renault).

I do not hide the fact that I was very excited to leave and very scared to do it!

It is always very difficult, at my age, to leave what you have for something you do not know at all. More than that, it is hard to quit your nice comfort zone.

At the same time if you want to accomplish in life relevant experiences you must quit your comfort zone, you must go, and this is what I did.

Today is the 25th of December 2019 and while I am writing I remember that, here in China, there is no Christmas holidays…so no days off for me, I am working just like all my colleagues here. (Do not worry I will take my short vacation during the Chinese Spring Festival).

I am very satisfied of my living conditions, I am based in downtown and walking distance I have almost all necessary shops and stores. Here lots of shopping malls in which I can find everything, it is also nice to walk around and discover lots of restaurants, too. Main train station is also close to where I live, and it makes easy when I have to travel with the high speed train to go to Tianjin.

Shenyang downtown view from Hotel

What I see here is the will of growing more and better as a Country, what I mean is the engagement & energy everybody is putting in going to work every day included Saturdays and sometimes also Sundays (it happens to me too). I guess it is one of Chinese secrets of success, to grow fast thanks to the people’s daily commitment.

So, here you can decide to change a front-end design on your model and 24 hours later you have the new one on your clay model. This is a small example of what we can do here without colleagues protests or resistance or time schedule changes. If you need 3D Printing parts no problem, the service is reliable and fast, same thing if you need to update your Alias model with important modifications. The changes will be implemented fast and very well, too.

The Chinese food, in this part of China, is particularly tasty and not expensive. However, if I feel like eating Italian or French food no problem to find very good restaurants with Italians or French people working there. Now I already have few references restaurants.

I can say that I am having a great start in this new experience.

It is a different life compared to the one I had in Europe. The daily speed is different, the overall timing spent at work is longer, the opportunities to apply changes respecting the planning is a reality, the high cold temperature is also a reality (here we can touch -20°). Wechat application on our smartphones help us to be in touch with colleagues, friends & family (just like Watsup). I can pay using my telephone, and to find a taxi or a driver it is easy and fast, too.

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Design Management The Right Attitude

To manage a car design project is not easy because it is a complex task. You need a vision, a strategy and most of all you need the right “attitude'” to do it.

In this video I try to explain what does it mean to have that right attitude to manage a car design project. What does it take to impress the right mood to the team to cooperate all together.

Team building and problems solving are important, but the way you as manager work and interact with the team members is more important to achieve the mission.


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Do Cars Look Alike? Not Really…

Very often people say that “today’s cars are too similar to each others”. However, if we get deeper into how we plan and develop automobiles we discover that this assumption is not really true.

In this video I give my personal view of it, telling a bit about what I saw and see today while making a new car project.


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The Undercut in Car Design

In my life as designer I saw several times the Undercut in Car Design Contest. Generally the victim is a very talented car designer who is very young, she/he needs expirience and this is the main problem causing the mistake.

In my video I explain how this can happen and what to do to contrast that risk.


Luciano Bove video The Undercut in Car Design
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Engineers Vs Designers, Two Different Worlds still So Close

Since a long time I felt to write about the dualism between Engineers and Designers, two key roles for any industry. I wanted to tell, according to my experience and other designers’stories, the difficulties and incomprehensions that many times designers have when work or attend meetings with engineers.

I am not against engineers, I am not. I believe thay have simply a different academic background, both have different approach to problem solving. For the same problem both give different solutions, their objective is to solve in an intelligent and constructive way the same problem. However, often they get in contrast with different ways of doing the same thing, different methodology caused by their different nature of being and studies they had.

Rationality Vs Creativity?

In my latest DESIGN TALK on Youtube I gave my version and here the video for you.

Enjoy and subscribe to my channel 😉 thanks!

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Design Vs Styling


How many times we hear discussions about Design or Style? Designers or Stylists? More than 30 years ago (and unfortunately sometimes still nowdays) the word Design was not really used as today, it was all about Style or Styling and designers were called stylists. However, was it right?

My position is clear: if you have a creative role in a Design Dept of a company (any company) you are a “designer” and you are working on a Design project. Design is the key word and not Style which, to me, is very reductive. Designers (and Design in general) are people that went to Design schools (and not Styling schools) to learn how to use their creativity to make a better looking and functional product. It is the combination of both aspects that give to this professional cathegory the definition as designers.The ability to put together the beauty with the inclusion of hard points problem solving. Design comes from “designare” to make a project!

In this video lecture I explain it better enjoy!

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