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1937 Talbot Lago

Make: Talbot-Lago
Model: T-150-C-SS
Body Style: Sport Coupe
Manufacturer: Automobiles Talbot-Darracq
City, State, Country: Paris, France
Color: Silver/Blue
Lic. Number: HV538N
Coachbuilder: Figoni & Falaschi
City, State, Country: Paris, France
Engine Number: 173180
Serial Number : 90107
Body Number: 665
Engine Type: OHV, HEMI
Cylinders: 6
Bore: 90mm/3.6″
Stroke: 104.5mm/4.18″
Horsepower: 140hp

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Design story 1914 ALFA 40/60 HP

Look at this image, it is an Alfa prototype designed by Ricotti and realized in 1914. The will to discover new modern and advanced automotive design solutions already started in early 1900′.
If we look carefully at the picture we can see solutions adopted on cars later produced.
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