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4° Color & Trim Design Competition by Maier

Color & Trim Design competition organized by Maier, it is an international car design competion dedicated to Interior Design Color & Trim.
The products for vehicle interiors and exteriors on which participants should focus their Color & Trim ideas are:

Front façade of the vehicle dashboard.

Grab bar of the vehicle door panel.

Frontal module of the vehicle.

Vehicle door uprights

There will be a prize so for those that are interested please click: MAIER Design Competition


2011 University Students’ Car Design Contest

We welcome the challenges of designers who will present new standards for cars of the future. – 2011 University Students’ Car Design Contest now open to participants

□ With the advent of a creation society, the public perception of the car industry, which is one of key manufacturing industries of an industrial society, has expanded beyond that of being just a means of transportation, and is now established as a means of expressing individuality, unique images and emotional needs.

ㅇ Therefore, the domestic car industry is attempting to make bold investment in design to enhance the level of differentiation among competitors and to create customer value in the future.

Continue reading here: korean news

Source, global.designdb


CarDesignNews and Opel/Vauxhall new Design contest


Opel/Vauxhall today asks students: “What do you think is our lounge style?” as part of a new, interactive design competition being launched with Car Design News.

The competition is for students studying at design schools (of any discipline) in Europe, and will be in two stages: Stage 1 is the interior, and then Stage 2 the exterior. It culminates in a display of the work of the finalists and announcement of the two winners at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011.
Stage 1: The brief — a lounge in motion

Student designers in Europe are being asked to create a car interior that is also a lounge, in other words, a lounge in motion. The car interior should fit the Opel/Vauxhall brand and accentuate both the emotional and rational aspect of the brand and its design language, sculptural artisty meets German precision.
Opel/Vauxhall considers a lounge to be:

…continue reading all infos clicking: CarDesignNews contest info

Source Cardesignnews


Michelin Challange Design 2012

Michelin Challange Design 2012 registration is already possible, it will be done in two different phases:

Phase 1 the pre registration
Phase 2 the registration and image submission

The theme to explore is: City 2046: Art, Life and Ingenuity, Transforming Personal Mobility

For more infos about registration rules please click: Michelin Design Challange


Sketch Fighter design contest by

New Car Design Contest organized by famous russian Cardesign website, Wacom and Autodesk.
Announced a new phase of competition Sketch Fighter with Wacom and Autodesk companies. Prizes will be as follow:
1st place – Wacom Intuos4 M + Sketchbook Pro
2nd place – Wacom Intuos4 S + Sketchbook Pro
3rd place – Sketchbook Pro
In addition all Six finalists will receive a -10% discount coupons for the purchase of any Wacom products.

For more info click: Sketch Fighter design competition infos!

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