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Plantronics Inc. and the City of Santa Cruz Economic Development Department are the sponsors of the brand new Design and Innovation Center of Santa Cruz in California.

“The Santa Cruz Design + Innovation Center will be an educational resource for its members. We’ll host speakers, forums, and conferences. We’ll partner with programs at Cabrillo College, UC Santa Cruz, and the local K-12 schools. Together, we’ll educate each other and the rest of the world on why design matters and why Santa Cruz is a perfect place for the creation of innovative design.”

The “Launch Event” will be on:

Friday, January 18, 2008
Plantronics Headquarters345 Encinal St., Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

at 5:00 pm

For more info please got o the following website:


Ettore Sottsass is dead!

Ettore Sottsass, one of the best italian designers and architects of last 50 years, died few hours ago in Italy at the age of 90.

This blog participates to the pain and sadness created by this death and is close to the family.

I had, personally, a great pleasure in meeting this great man in Art Center while I was a student, I remember his conference as one of the most passionate lessons in Design.

Ettore the Design community will miss you…


3rd Eye Design Concepts, California

Gabriel Prats born and raised in B.A. Argentina graduated at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He is the founder of 3rd Eye Design Concepts based in Lake Forrest California.
His experience is very strong in Shoes Design and Trends, he operates also in Transportation and Product Design.
Go check his website you will find a big part of his current portfolio and infos to reach him.
This is the link to follow:
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The art & life of Syd Mead

I am happy to have found this video that show the Art of Syd Mead a Futurist Designer graduated at Art Center College of Pasadena in California. This video is dedicated to all design students on earth..when I was in school I dreamed thanks to him too!Enjoy.

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