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Hamilton Ventura Electric Quartz Watch Review

The Hamilton Ventura Electric Quartz was designed and produced late 50’s by Hamilton Watch Company in USA. At that time Hamilton used to make time pieces for military pourposes and transportation since 1st World War. It is only after the war that Hamilton started to create a series of watches designed for a man and woman markets. The Ventura Electric, with its avangardiste and strange Design, was produced in 1957 aand became one of Elvis Presley’s favourite watches. For this reason it is also called the Elvis Electric watch. It was the first watch to be electricly powered a new technology and people had clear understanding of a very futuristic and visionary watch design. Check this video to discover all Ventura models and a fast watch review.

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Car Design Schools

Design Schools TALK

It is time to talk again about Car Design Schools around the globe and how to chose the right one. Since few years there are few new openings and some schools that are not really doing their job. In some countries (India) there is a misunderstinding of the word Design associated to Engineering Universities and some young design students find them in the wrong school. So, just watch the video and think about some of criterias to check before you take your decision.

Luciano Bove

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