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Ilegalwatches the new Luxury Design for your Wrist

When my friend Serge Cosenza , car designer at Renault Design, told me he was working on a new wrist watch design I thought he was crazy. Serge told me he was going to make a sort of Start-Up company to promote his product designed and realized by him all Made in France. I thought he probably needed a doctor and fast!

Well you know what? I was wrong, he was really serious to the point he accomplished his mission: to design, built and sell his wristwatch he called Ilegal Paris!

This is an incredible beautiful story, a designer that for several years thinks how to produce and sell his own designed watches. Working from early sketches to assembly process, from materials to marketing and promotional activities. A lot of hard work made by him and few more.

In the photo you can see one of the available designs, so please visit the website by clicking Ilegal Watches Paris and discover more about Serge Cosenza and his creations.

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Do you have a Vision? You better do!

How many design students are going to school thinking about what they are really doing for their future?

I know that you are all very happy because you are in school! You have been accepted and you did start your preferred school to become designers. I know that feeling, too. As I said a year ago:

Do you think you made it because you got accepted? Wait for what is next before being too happy too soon!

So my million dollar question is: Do You Have a Vision?

If you don’t (and it might be the case) you better start thinking about it. When we have the great opportunity to pursue one of the most complicated and rare professional career “Design” we have to make sure not to fail, not to be poor at it, not to be average, not to be too happy too soon. Be honest you know the type of progression and improvement you need to be better than someone in you class, now if you compare your skills with someone from other schools around…you know you have still a long way to go! Face it and assume responsibility for it!

When you realize the type of improvements you must make, how you would like to improve on your projects for your future portfolio quality, how to get your first internship, what is needed to do, when you realize all this you will start having a vision. It is about how to be in that school for doing what later once you will have your diploma or bachelor.

Do you want to become just a nice designer or an influent one?

We all need a vision to find our dimension and our role in society (think about a family or parents’ roles) or in a design studio, unless we are just average and I do not think it would be enough satisfying.

When you have a vision you will find your targets and if you work hard to accomplish them you will get somewhere someday for sure.

Got the point?


Design Education

Car Design sketches from 50’s & late 60’s – The American Dream

Dear friends,

it is important to give a look at what happened back in the 50’s & 60’s in terms of Car Design creativity.
Here a car sketch by Loewy of the Avanti 1963, this project was done in a short time and with a very young designers team led by John Ebstein.

Coupe design from Art Center by Ken Vendley, c.1959 Image via
This Coupé by Ken Vendley 1959 shows how at that time designers were looking at the future. In their techniques we see the old way of sketching done with pencils markers color paper and lots of skills and talent.
Harry Bradley sketch 1968 for Motor Trend image via
Harry Bradley’s sketch (1968) is excellent, Harry has been my teacher at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and I still remember his demos and tutorials done with a 2H pencil.
Talent & Creativity.

Martin Smith passed away a mentor is gone forever…

Dear friends,

it is with deep sadness that I just got the news my friend Martin Smith passed away!

I met him at ACCD he was the Industrial Design Dept. Chair and most of all a mentor and a friend. Last time we talked was 2 years ago…a friend!

Great Industrial Designer with more than 35 years of experience, since few years he was Chair Professor of Industrial Design at the School of Design in Honk Hong.

Martin we will miss you R.I.P.


Design Education

Renault Twingo 3 interior sketches by designer Laurent Negroni

Dear friends,

I told you I was going to publish the excellent work of Laurent Negroni Renault designer and Alpine design team member.

There are many nice sketches by Laurent, however I decided to focus on this one because it has a lot of design education key elements to think about and learn from.

The B/W ideation sketches show how a professional designer follows a design creative process and presentation discipline. These sketches are full of interesting ideas and they are also very clear. Perspective is always good, balance and line weight are good, details give credibility and are well done, the volumes sections are excellent. They talk to us about the shapes and various parts interior will be made of. These sketches are probably the most important ones they tell the whole story!

The color rendering are another example of Laurent’s talent and professionalism. First element that tells us how good they are is: the cast shadows work! Yes because interior design is about filling up an empty space and it is a lot more complicated than an exterior design exercise (which is about a positive space).
The cast shadows work gives us the idea of interaction between dashboard and floor, dashboard and the steering wheel, the steering wheel and the driver seat. When you sketch an interior remember this aspect because if you do not follow this proportions rule you will make a mess.

First secret to draw a nice interior is: what relation in space between floor – seat – steering wheel – dashboard.

Enjoy and learn!

If you need a sketching reference guide click here and check out “Car Design Sketching Tips”!


Giorgetto Giugiaro soon to be The President of Transportation Design Dept. at IAAD Turin school!

This is one of those news that bring happiness to our hearts!

Yes, Giugiaro The Maestro soon (not yet appointed) should become the first Transportation Design Dept. President at the IAAD School in Torino
Laura Milani, school director, will announce next Thursday during a ceremony with several guests from the automobile Design world and not only.
Personally I am very happy, bravo to IAAD design school for accomplishing this ambitious project.

When I started to teach in Turin at IAAD and later on at IED I used to ask myself why Giugiaro and the other celeb design studios were not involved with Design schools…it took a while to convince some of them to participate to the design school project.

Giugiaro’s Presidency can only bring good things for the future of Transportation Design Education in IAAD and Turin.


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