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Auto(r) Design Conference Zagreb with Luciano Bove

Saturday 26 April I have been invited by Daniel Tomicic to be part of a real great Automotive Design Conference in Zagreb named Auto(r) Design.
The speaker’s pannel was of excellent respect: Domagoj Đukec from BMW, Peter Stevens famous British car designer and professor at RCA, Alessio Minchella car designer, Kevin Rice Mazda Europe Design director, Luciano Bove Renault Design manager & Blogger, Pontus Fontaeus car designer consultant for Land Rover, Nyko de Peyer Local Motors Manager, Philip Nemeth designer & design education expert, Simone Porta car design expert.

I would like to recall Kevin Rice’s presentation about Mazda Design philosophy rich of Japanese culture and how the european design center interacts with the other two design centers (Japan & California).

Pontus Fontaeus experience in managing the latest Land Rover concept car and how is his own design process, Peter Stevens talking about how car design evolved since early century to today and what type of thinking this analysis could provoke, Luciano Bove (me) presenting our new R&D design team at Renault and how we did our latest concept the Renault Next Two self-driving car, great presentation by Nyko about Local Motors online activity and design contest mostly its evolution in USA.

In the afternoon we also had an interesting Design Talk on stage speaking about how we perceive elegance and quality in Design according to its weight or lightness.

Sunday morning, before leaving Zagreb, I had the opportunity to see few portfolios for suggestions and tips, I could also make a very simple quick demo tutorial for a 14 years old kid named Jakov.

Luciano Bove quick demo for Jakov

I loved this week end full of usefull activities, special thanks to Daniel Tomicic for the invitation and great hospitality reserved to me.


Luciano Bove Twizy project presentation at Green cars Forum 2013 – video


Here the video of my presentation at the Green Cars Forum 2013, thanks to Studio Comelli Milano for the invitation.

I know that it is only in Italian language and many of you will have hard time to understand, for this reason here I’ll write a sort of summary in English language.

How is taken the decision to put in oproduction a fully electric car that looks like a cross over between a byke and a city car?
Before telling about this decision story I would like to go back in history untill the Big Depression in USA 1929-41 to understand better the social context in which some important decisions and innovations are made.

It is during heavy financial crisis that innovation gets a boost and like in the 30s and in the 70s crisis today’s one forced people to look for new ways to produce jobs and new technologies.

Twizy project comes during a difficult social economical period to create the first electric cars range made by an european car company Renault.

The Twizy has been developed by the R&D design team at its early stage with Patrick Lecharpy as VP Design and Luciano Bove as Design manager, a team made of Design, Product planning and engineers. Main designers Francoise Leboinne (exterior and some interior) Eduardo Lana (interior and final design support).
1 year to make few prototypes with the final Design in order to take the final decision for a solid innovative project.

The Renault Sport design team managed by Eric Diemert as Design director worked on that Twizy project to bring it to production , Massimo Barbieri as Design project manager.

However to design a very rational responsible electric car is not a boring task, on the contrary it has been very exciting and another example of it is the Twizy Formula 1 model recently realized!

Thank you!


Car Creator by Andrey Gusev

Andrey Gusev is a transportation designer working in Germany and I think he is very talented, here an example of his talent and skills.

Andrey has a real nice blog where you can find all sort of transportation design works from sketches to digital illustrations with very unique designs.

Please go check click: Andrey Gusev Design


Uwe Bahnsen died yesterday 30th of July 2013

Dear friends,

it is with sadness that I got the bad news about Uwe Bahnsen’s death occurred yesterday 30th of July 2013.
I met Uwe Bahnsen at Art Center Europe in Vevey during my first visit in 1990 as a young professional designer, and it was thanks to him that I started to teach for the first time sketchng classes at Art Center Europe discovering this unknown passion about giving to students what I have learned at school in Pasadena. It started in 1991 in Vevey!

I remember his precious advices to teach better and to cope better with my students, I remember also his invitations at school official meeting great opportunity to meet new people from other car companies, I remember how much he supported me and encouraged me during my adventure about teaching.

Most of all I remember him as a man of real class a man of elegance and great education, someone from whom we can only learn how to be better for us and others.

Uwe that you may rest in peace…you deserve it!

Thank you again…

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