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TOOTH chair

This cool design chair, named Tooth, has been seen on a website where it is possible to buy Design articles.
The structure is made of fiber-glass and it is covered by water hyacinth’s leafs colored in red, black or natural color.

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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008

The Stockholm Furniture Fair/Northern Light Fair, the world’s biggest trade fair for Nordic design, will be open in Stockholm from 6th to 10th of February 2008.
The event is expected to attract over 40,000 visitors, about 5,000 of whom will be foreign buyers, architects, designers and journalists.
Fore more detailed infos please visit their website at:

Ron Arad’s Victoria Albert couch

The key words to better describe this sofa Design by Ron Arad are: Comfort and Beauty. The choice of the name “VICTORIA AND ALBERT” is a homage to the famous museum in London.

Made of recyclable materials it is a good example of Design and Research within innovative technologies.

I find it also very elegant and with a long lasting Design.


Canapé Nuptial by Laufer & Keichel

Paris and Berlin 20 years of art and culture together. To celebrate this event different German and french designers exhibits in Paris and Berlin.
The “Canapé Nuptial” is a good example, designed by Julia Laufer and Marcus Keichel is exposed in Paris (La boutique 107 Rivoli until the 11th of November) cost of this sofa is about 4,000.00 Euros.
Info Via: marieclaire

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