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Linkedin Young Designers’ profile

Linkedin is a very useful professional social network used worldwide.

Design is one of the most popular professional fields in Linkedin, many designers and design managers have their profile there posting and making interesting and useful contacts with colleagues from other companies.

However, young designers or design students need to be present on Linkedin but must be very careful how they organize and prepare their profile page.

In this video I give some tips according to my experience and what I see.

Design Education My Articles News

Design Students & Social Networks, Mistakes to Avoid.

Black car Sketch using color chalks by Luciano Bove

How many times did you think how to show your works to gain visibility in internet? How many times you hoped to be seen by Design professionals? How many times you hoped to be contacted by one of them or to contact them?

Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Youtube, and websites are a great opportunity to communicate with the world.

You do something and you can share it with anybody, what is delicate is “how” you do it! In some disciplines like Design (specially Car Design) you have to be smart enough to communicate and share your works without provoking a negative reaction. It is about your behaviour.

In my video I give few tips & suggestions to avoid most common mistakes.


Design Students & Social Networks Interaction

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