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How to become a Car Designer, some tips by Luciano Bove

Dear friends,

lately I keep on receiving, via FB pages or messanger or email, the same question: please could you explain how I can become a Car designer like you?

I had the pleasure to be interviewed about my personal story few years ago and you can find the article by clicking: Luciano Bove’s story
also this other post: Luciano Bove car designer.

However if you keep on asking it means since my interviews you are many more to follow me and you are younger too! 🙂

So I decided to make this short video for all of you hoping that it will be appreciated and SHARED on your FB pages Twitter’s account at so on! OK?

Thank you!

Design Education

Luciano Bove’s Special Lecture at IAAD Turin – The video

Dear friends,

as I promised here 2 videos of my Special lecture at IAAD Design School about R&D Innovation Design, Strategy and Planning.

This time I did my lecture in both languages: Italian & English, so everybody watching it will understand what I talked about.

Stay tuned because in a few days I’ll publish another video about a lecture on “Portfolio strategy”.

Thank you for your attention,


Luciano Bove at IAAD Design school: Design Project management steps

Dear friends,

2 years ago I was invited by IAAD Design school in Turin Italy to talk about Design project management and Portfolio presentation stategy.

In those 2 videos my participation.

I am sorry they are only in Italian language however, for those that do not understand Italian,I can breafly explain that:

First video: on a project management we have to respect some steps unless we cannot rule and control a design project from beginning to production.

Those steps are:

– Understand project objective
– Make a Business Plan
– Marketing and competitors studies
– Benchmarking
– Budget
– Macro technical studies
– Macro cost analysis
– Creative brainstorming
– Concept choice
– Concept development

Second video:

When we prepare our miniportfolio or our portfolio we have to keep in mind these aspects:

– Seduction to stimulate curiosity
– Rithm not to be boring
– Quality to be highly competitive
– Creative and variety
– Learn how to eliminate the worst projects not to kill your presentation

Thank you!


Luciano Bove at FHS University of Applied Science Salzburg Austria, video.

Dear friends,

this is a video of myself speaking to FHS University of Applied Science students in Salzburg Austria. I sent there a wonderful day last May thanks to Mr Gunther Grall school director and Bernd Stelzer Chair of Industrial Design Dept. Special thanks to my friend Davide Tealdi design teacher and owner of  ESSERE Design company.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching…

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