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News for Car Design Education Tips!

Dear friends,

I am happy to announce you that starting today my name is Under a new domain name which is:

The objective to buy my domain name is given by the encreasing popularity of this blog and its mission. I guess after 6 years of trying blogging I should move to next step which will be a more professional service including the website layout….step by step!

For now we got the new domain name do not forget it:



Luciano Bove thanks all his followers!

Dear friends,

today just few words to thank you for following my blog with enthusiasm and devotion…special thanks to all young students from India and some countries like Croatia (mainly from Zagreb)…but also from Pakistan and the increasing number of chinese language followers…naturally thanks also to all Americans (a part of myself is always in California where I studied at ACCD)….and to all other countries not mentioned.

To me all this constant traffic to my simple blog means a lot, Facebook followers are encreasing in non expected way (today 1122 on my professional profile and 2855 for my blog page). G+ also is starting to go well and Twitter slowly is catching up…

I know that when I write a post I am not alone 🙂

Stay tuned…



Imre Molnar dies, the loss of a friend…


Dear friends,

today I would like to write about a good friend that just died few days ago in California while riding his bicycle.
Today I’ll write about Imre Molnar designer, design educator, Dean at CCS the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, most of all a good man happily married and a father.

I had the pleasure to meet Imre first time when I started to teach in Art Center Europe back in 1991, he was teaching there, too. Later he became the Art Center Europe education Director, when ACE closed down in 1994 he moved to Detroit entering in CCS and becoming after few years the College Dean:

As the College’s chief academic officer, Molnar oversees faculty, curriculums, academic advising, and academic resources such as the library and Center Galleries. He also leads the development of new degree and educational programs. (CCS source)

Every time I was in ACE we would go eat together or meet in the evening before class (usually friday evening), we were 2 coming from Torino Greg Brew ( today ID Director at Polaris) and myself  both good friends with Imre Molnar. I remember the strong vitality and energy in Imre’s eyes, a man full of passion and sporty hobbies, a design lover and a design philosopher. Loved by his students and school community.

Even if he moved to US and I moved to France (Renault) we kept alive our friendship and few times we met, too. Last time it was at my house in France for a real nice dinner spent together with our wifes remembering old times and talking about future life programs.
Facebook helped recently to keep the contact even closer almost as a regular firends relationship.

Most of all I remember his humanity and sense of honesty, his wisdom and his example…I’ll miss him! I’ll miss this little big man  born in Hungary and raised in Australia.

To you my friend,



Car Design Education Tips stats

 Dear friends,

this post is dedicated to this blog and to all of you that, day by day, make it grow and encourage me to continue this blogging adventure about Car Design Education.

So here some interesting numbers and stats about how Car Design Education Tips is improving its popularity on-line.

Google Friends: 325
Google+: 251
Facebook blog page: 2400
Facebook Luciano Bove page: 1484
Facebookpage Luciano Bove Car designer: 816
Feedburner followers (Feeds + email free subsrciptions): 900
Twitter followers: 56
Pinterest followers: 14

To me these numbers are GREAT! Thank you and help this blog to get more followers by sharing with your friends on social networks our posts.

Thank you,



Luciano Bove Twitter profile

Dear friends,

I decided to open a Twitter profile for myself connected to this blog and Facebook pages as Car Design Education tips & Luciano Bove car designer.

I felt that Car Design Education Blog and myself should be present on Twitter in a better way for a better target to keep on being useful to you and the new ones to come.

So If you feel like please follow me on Twitter too!

Thanks and stay tuned…


Car Design books on Amazon

Dear friends,
many of you often ask me suggestions and advices to buy good books about how to draw cars, learning books and also DVD showing exactly how to do and what to do with pencils and markers.
On my blog I decided to remake my Amazon sections to communicate better the available books and also some DVD and good materials  such as COPIC markers, Prismacolors…
At the end I also put some WACOM tablets and appropriate softwares including those for 3D modeling such as Autodesk and Maya.
I hope that for you it will be easier to find the right tool to buy and if something is missing please suggest it to me I’ll make an up-date of both sections.
So on the left and right of this blog page you will find all Amazon items to look at and also to order if you feel like.
Thank you!

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