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Incredible but it is true: this blog has been almost stolen!

Hi dear friends,
yesterday I was searching on the net and I found a blog that is a perfect copy of all my content from this blog Car Design Education Tips!
To see click ” Luciano Bove’s copy” and check out!
I find this really stupid because Google detects automatically all copy of text from originals downgrading the fake blog, to be honest if the thief had published linkbacks on each stolen article I wouldn’t mind…but he/she did not!
Anyway from today you my followers and supporters and occasional readers know that there is someone copying this blog and that MY blog is always the original one written by me Luciano Bove a real designer behind published posts.
Thanks for taking notes!

Luciano Bove Car Designer new profile on Facebook

 Dear friends,

beginning August I decided to open a new page on Facebook about my professional profile. I did it for 2 reasons the first is that not all of you or others go look around on Linkedin where I have already my professional profile, the second is because many of you ask me if I am still a car designer or other infos regarding my professional experiences.

This is normal, I write a lot about advices and tips on car design education and for some of you it is not so easy to know more about me. So who am I?

Now a new page on Facebook is open with some detailed infos about me, some links of interviews I had the pleasure to have, articles I wrote published on other sites and also photos about me on the job (naturally only stuff legally publishable) and some of my old sketches.
You will also find infos about my old design school activities as teacher and latest workshops I did.

I hope you like this initiative and I really hope you will all become fans of this page and that you will spread the word to collect as many fans as possible đŸ™‚

Click here to see the page: Luciano Bove Car Designer Facebook page


Car Design Education Tips on Facebook we are 600!

 Dear friends, followers and fans,

I am pleased to annoce to you that today “Car Design Education Tips” reached 600 fans on Facebook page.
Thank you! This result gives me the energy to keep on writing with the intent of giving a helpful service to those that need help and to those that are just passionates or curious about Car Design Education.

Thank You!


Texas Motors competition by Local Motors

 Hi friends,
I just received this comunication from our friends of and I am sure it might be of your interest to know and even participate.

Team LM,
Texas Motors has launched!

Regular pickup trucks do not fulfill all the needs of an avid hunter.  The Local Motors community aims to remedy this fact by designing a hunting vehicle for the gamers of Texas. 
The Challenge: Design a dynamic hunting vehicle for the great state of Texas.  This vehicle should be a ready-made solution for hunters of every variety; whether hunting stags or fowl, this compartmentalized home base vehicle can do the job. 
The Community:  All Local Motors Community Members ages 18 and older are invited to participate in this competition.  Join today to familiarize yourself with the open design process, and collaborate with other designers, engineers and car enthusiasts from Texas.  The community votes to choose the winner.
The Prize: All designs in the Local Motors community have a shot at the biggest prize: an opportunity to see your design built, and on the road. 
1st Place $1,500; 2nd Place $300; 3rd Place $200
Top 3 designers earn Winner Status within the Local Motors community, as well as exclusive LM winner’s T-Shirts.
Submissions Begin: Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
Submission Deadline: Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
Voting Deadline: Tuesday, February 16th, 2010
Why: These is your chance to see your design on the road, rack up some serious credibility, and prove your ability to design a car people want to drive.

Jay, Sarah & Ari are on the road with the Rally Fighter as we speak.  Rally Fighter tour details are here, and pics are posted here
We hope to see you soon!
Your LM Team


Render Demo DVD by Dwayne Patterson

Render Demo is the latest DVD by Dwayne Patterson a GM designer. In this video you will find great tips to improve your sketching abilities with lots of demos.

You will lern about prospective, line work and shading. You will understand how to place correctly the light on your sketch and how to do to make it look great!

For sure a good help for all of you specially those that do not follow a specific Transportation Design school.

Check it out!

Info Via


LB cardesign education tips is on Facebook

Dear friends,

after 3 years LB Car Design Education Tips goes on Facebook. The time has arrived to merit a Facebook page.
I hpe that you will be many many many to become fans to follow this blog dedicated  to car design education amateurs and design students around the world.
In homepage you will find the email to contact me for any help like showing your sketch and have a constructive critic.
Thanks for participating!

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