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How to Start Drawing a Car with Luciano Bove

Corrections sample about sketching cars by Luciano Bove

Corrections sample about sketching cars by Luciano Bove

The on-line course about “How to Start Drawing a Car” at is starting on the 26th of February and will last 4 weeks.

Starting on the 2nd of February enrollments are open at How to Start Drawing a Car

This Course is dedicated to all design students and car design lovers that are struggling with their car sketches in terms of perspective.


Online design courses

Hi friends,

Surfing on the net I have seen quite a lot of Web Design Degrees offers and I was a bit curious so I started searching on the net and I found on line courses about: Web Site Design Schools, on-line Interior Design Schools, Graphic Design Program, online Fashion Design Schools, Online Art School, on-line Animation Schools…at so on I even found a web site about Car Design Program on-line.
It is true, today thanks to internet and some money to invest we can offer ourself a Design course basically in any discipline staying at home connecting ourself with our PC.
Is it going to be good?
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