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Painting racing cars by Rob Ijbema

Dear friends today I would like to present to you Rob a young artist who paints “A car a day” and also runs a blog about this well done activity

I like his style because he is able to give the real feeling of speed, the realism is there even if the painting style remains very artistic. Rob is showing us that painting comes from his inner part.

I hope you visit his blog to discover other works.

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Ester Negretti paintings – Como, Italy

Ester Negretti is an italian painter, she lives and paints in a small village close to Como in Italy. Ester started very early to love the Art of painting studying first Leonardo’s masterpieces and later the “maestri” of Impressionism.
Today she developed a very personal painting style representing the strong contrast between realism and abstract. The use and control of color becomes very important to her.

I personally like very much how she plays with positive and negatives spaces, the use of light and the balance she controls in her compositions. There is always a focal point well defined that helps, a good artist.

For more info I suggest you to visit her website esternegretti

Info and Photos Via:valtellinarte


Jouars, France

Where I live there is a very beutifull landscape with just one small church “l’eglise de Jouars”. Here my interpratation of it.

Oil painting with knife technique on canvas