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Giraffe Mechanics by Andrew Chase

Andrew Chase wrote: “This is my second giraffe (I made the first one to use in “Timmy”). I made it out of transmission parts, electrical conduit, and plumbing pipe. All the joints rotate and lock. Turning a removable crank on the Giraffe’s side raises the neck. Lifting the tail releases a catch and lowers the neck. It’s about 6 feet tall and it took about 80 hours to build.”!

It is incredible! Great work!



Richard Serra and his “A Matter of Time”

Richard Serra celebrates his 40 years of creative career with a mega installation of his master-piece “A Matter of Time” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York untill 10th of September.
These mega sculptures create a new interaction between positive and negative spaces having the public as the live component added to them. In fact; the public participation completes the sculpture by exploring it.

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Arnaldo Pomodoro, italian sculptor

I like a lot Pomodoro’s sculptures, the first time I saw one was in Los Angeles. I was a young student and did not know that that beautifull and impressive way to work the metal modifing the positive and negative space belonged to an Italian sculptor named Arnaldo Pomodoro.
Her is the Sfera N4 exposed at the Guggenhelm Museum in NY,USA. The website where you can find a lots of info on italian sculptors is:

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