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Car Design – Scolarships, Masters & Online Courses

Todays topic in our DESIGNtalk is about Scolarships, Masters & Online car design courses.

Some of you asked me to talk about those topics and here I am with my technical analysis. Scolarships give you a great opportunity to be in any good design school without paying for it. With a scolarship tuition is offered or partially offered. In order to apply you have to get info via design schools websites and follow their instructions.

Your application portfolio will be the key element to be selected. It is a hard talent competition and for this reason you have to give the best of yourself in terms of presentation and talent. It is about your skills level.

Master programs in Universities or Design schools can be very useful but be carefull because to become a car designer most of times a Master is not enough. In this video I explain why.

Online car design courses are very positive because they give you the opportunity to find a way to exercise and learn a speciphic topic with a dedicated online teacher. It is a way to invest little money to improuve on your own your drawing skills.

Follow all the info in this video.

Design Education

How to Start Drawing a Car an online course at is an online platform where design students can exercise some of their skills with a dedicated professional designer.

I am part of it since two months and I love it, on the 26th of February my second online course will start for a 4 weeks period.

To register just click: How to Start drawing a Car with Luciano Bove

You have still 14 days time to register!

Design Education My Articles News

How to Start Drawing a Car with Luciano Bove

Corrections sample about sketching cars by Luciano Bove

Corrections sample about sketching cars by Luciano Bove

The on-line course about “How to Start Drawing a Car” at is starting on the 26th of February and will last 4 weeks.

Starting on the 2nd of February enrollments are open at How to Start Drawing a Car

This Course is dedicated to all design students and car design lovers that are struggling with their car sketches in terms of perspective.

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