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I want you to be a winner!

Yes it is exactly what I mean I want you to be a winner, I am asking you to excel in what you do.

Let’s make it clear, I am not asking this to you to force you to get good notes at school or on your projects…not at all! I am asking it because you can think about it. How important it is to try to be the best, to give all you have inside to be better at what you do, for example in sketching or presenting your projects. How important it is not to give up. How much space you have available to keep progressing.

Believe in yourself, even if honestly you know you are not yet ready for a higher level; however, work on yourself to accomplish the mission to make that extra step. Work on yourself to keep concentration and energy on the right track. Discipline and dedication, give yourself a sort of improvement plan (at school at life whatever…), what type of priorities should you set? Come on, you know in what you are weak just be honest with yourself.

Exercise to improve, at what? You know! Is it sketching, line-quality, the perspective, how you use and blend markers…? Is it your attitude? I do not know, but you do! So do it!

Do it! Try to be a winner, use your brain and concentrate all positive energy to be better.

Recently many of you out there sent me portfolios and sketches with some evident mistakes, but you were happy about it and you asked me to confirm that to you …those sketches are not bad! Well done keep going…This is what you wanted me to tell you! And this is the reason I think a part of you is still in an average mode!

Do not be on an average mode, try to stand out from crowds, do not be satisfied too fast with your work. You might have done nice sketches, but hey you are still presenting a sketch with some mistakes in it… did you check it before sending it? Did you correct it before sending it? How critical have you been with yourself? How demanding? And what about your portfolio?

I want you to be a winner, start acting to become one!

Design Education News

Sketching a Car Interior by Acadesign

Sketching Car Interiors is not an easy thing to do, compared to exterior sketching interiors are more complicated. The relationship between empty and full spaces is completely different, for beginners I suggest the “BOX” method.

You sketch a box in the right proportions and later start sketching the interior of that box so it will be easier to manage all interior elements to draw (dash board, consoles, door panels at so on…).

Here a great video that shows well how to do!


Design Education

Portfolio: example of a good presentation concept

Speaking about Portfolio’s organization I publish today a wonderful image by Woo Kim’s project to show how we could prepare and organize a professional concept presentation.

  1. Composition on page
  2. Background color & page graphics
  3. Subject positioning
  4. Perspectives and depth
  5. Rendering choice

So look at it carefully thinking about these 5 key elements and try on your own!


Design Education

Car Design sketches from 50’s & late 60’s – The American Dream

Dear friends,

it is important to give a look at what happened back in the 50’s & 60’s in terms of Car Design creativity.
Here a car sketch by Loewy of the Avanti 1963, this project was done in a short time and with a very young designers team led by John Ebstein.

Coupe design from Art Center by Ken Vendley, c.1959 Image via
This Coupé by Ken Vendley 1959 shows how at that time designers were looking at the future. In their techniques we see the old way of sketching done with pencils markers color paper and lots of skills and talent.
Harry Bradley sketch 1968 for Motor Trend image via
Harry Bradley’s sketch (1968) is excellent, Harry has been my teacher at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and I still remember his demos and tutorials done with a 2H pencil.
Talent & Creativity.
Design Education

Renault Twingo 3 interior sketches by designer Laurent Negroni

Dear friends,

I told you I was going to publish the excellent work of Laurent Negroni Renault designer and Alpine design team member.

There are many nice sketches by Laurent, however I decided to focus on this one because it has a lot of design education key elements to think about and learn from.

The B/W ideation sketches show how a professional designer follows a design creative process and presentation discipline. These sketches are full of interesting ideas and they are also very clear. Perspective is always good, balance and line weight are good, details give credibility and are well done, the volumes sections are excellent. They talk to us about the shapes and various parts interior will be made of. These sketches are probably the most important ones they tell the whole story!

The color rendering are another example of Laurent’s talent and professionalism. First element that tells us how good they are is: the cast shadows work! Yes because interior design is about filling up an empty space and it is a lot more complicated than an exterior design exercise (which is about a positive space).
The cast shadows work gives us the idea of interaction between dashboard and floor, dashboard and the steering wheel, the steering wheel and the driver seat. When you sketch an interior remember this aspect because if you do not follow this proportions rule you will make a mess.

First secret to draw a nice interior is: what relation in space between floor – seat – steering wheel – dashboard.

Enjoy and learn!

If you need a sketching reference guide click here and check out “Car Design Sketching Tips”!

Design Education

Alpine car sketch by Deyan Denkov

Dear friends,

Alpine is back! All of you (I hope)
saw photos of the car with its excellent design made by Alpine designers
team headed by Antoine Villain design director and of course Laurens
van der Acker our Renault Groupe VP Design.

Here a beautiful illustration by Deyan Denkov Renault Alpine designer. (here all Alpine sketches)

The question is: why does it look so good?

4 positive things about this illustration:

1 It is simple
2 Perfect perspective and great composition on page
3 The shading is light but it shows well the body volumes and shapes
4 Its linework is just perfect.

all beginners follow these 4 key elements instead of overcharging your
sketches or illustration, you will see the difference 😉

If you need a sketching reference guide click here and check out “Car Design Sketching Tips”!

Design Education

Sketching cars, proportions & nice perspectives

Dear friends,

how many times we talk about good perspective and proportions for car sketching? Many times!
Here nice work samples by Damian Wolinsky from Poland and student at Academy of Fine Art and Design in Wroclaw at the faculty of Transportation Design.

If you like you can check also his own blog clicking : Damian Wolinski Design Blog

Do you need a sketching guide reference to help you sketch better your cars? Get the “Car Design Sketching Tips” Ebook click and check it out!

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