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Are you on Vacation? Keep Sketching!

this is a short importat message for all of you on vacation. However I really want you not to abandon for few weeks sketching and exercising your skills. Listen to my video message to make sure car sketching is always on topo if your to do list.

Check my video message.

Luciano Bove Car Designer

Dear Friends,

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Online Interactive Sketching Course with Luciano Bove

My studio ready for Interactive Sketching online with me.

Dear friends,

I started a new Online Interactive Sketching Cars Course that is held every Thursday on Google Meet. Several people are already working with me to improve their skills and prepare for a design school admission. Some participate as design students to correct some of their mistakes and I am there to help them sketching with them and checking their sketches giving constructives feed-backs. The objective is to improve your skills and understand well the 3 dimensional car design developement on a main well proportioned volume or shape.

Side view tutorial using pencils and markers

If interested please write to me via email (or via the contact on this website) and I will answer to you explaining how to do to be part of it.


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Sketching Cars Together LIVE with Luciano Bove

Dear friends,

every Monday & Wednesday at 18:30 PM Paris time I am LIVE on my Youtube Channel to share with you my sketching method starting from basics of drawing just as I learned at Art Center College of Design.

It is the same method I used when professor at ACE, IAAD and IED design schools.

So, if you are interested to sketch cars with me just follow my Youtube Channel and see you there 🙂

Here the link to my Sketching Cars Vol 2 Ebook


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How to Start Drawing a Car an online course at is an online platform where design students can exercise some of their skills with a dedicated professional designer.

I am part of it since two months and I love it, on the 26th of February my second online course will start for a 4 weeks period.

To register just click: How to Start drawing a Car with Luciano Bove

You have still 14 days time to register!

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How to Start Drawing a Car with Luciano Bove

Corrections sample about sketching cars by Luciano Bove

Corrections sample about sketching cars by Luciano Bove

The on-line course about “How to Start Drawing a Car” at is starting on the 26th of February and will last 4 weeks.

Starting on the 2nd of February enrollments are open at How to Start Drawing a Car

This Course is dedicated to all design students and car design lovers that are struggling with their car sketches in terms of perspective.

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